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Business Planning & Strategy Advisor

20+ yrs technology and business strategy

Mind Source

MindSource has delivered software solutions for over two decades to many hundreds of Silicon Valley companies. Our success is based on deep technical foundations, commitment to client satisfaction and our extended worldwide network of technical talent growing our consultancy and to provide top-tier talent in the areas of mobile development, front-end development, and quality assurance. We provide our consultants with engineering job opportunities, QA analyst jobs, IT job opportunities, and many other rewarding careers with Silicon Valley’s top employers.

At every step, we made good on our promise to deliver satisfaction, and because of this emerged as the leader in our field. The MindSource staff is a close-knit family of employees; many have been with the company for over a decade. We are motivated by generating and maintaining long-term relationships with both colleagues and clients as we have done for over 20 years. We value working with the best, and continue to do so, over and over again.

Angel Lead Flow and Pitch Advisor

We invest in technology companies in seed, angels, pre-A and A stages.

Bay Angels

We invest in technology companies in seed, angels, pre-A and A stages. Bay Angels was founded in 1998 by Roger King, and managed by Jordan Wahbeh. We are Bay Area angel organization whos'​ members include both accredited investors and members of the venture capital community. Over the years we've helped a number of early stage companies acquire funding angel funding and launch their offerings. One of our earlier success stories was OpenTable.

Purpose Driven Marketing Advisor

Founder, Abolitionist, Proud 3rd Culturista, Author, Speaker, Values-Based Marketing Leader

Stefania Pomponi

Founder, Influencer Marketing Pioneer, Proud 3rd Culturista, Author, Speaker, Values-Based Marketing Leader focusing on the intersection of Marketing Communications, Racial Justice, Social Impact & Dismantling White Supremacy.

Founder, Hella Social Impact, Inc., a marketing and communications firm helping Fortune 500 brands show up authentically and impactfully for racial justice.

Former President, Chief Evangelist and Founder of CLEVER, an award-winning influencer marketing agency.

For the past two decades, Stefania has been shaping the influencer marketing industry as a CPG content marketing expert, hiring quite literally hundreds of thousands of influencers and championing their rights to be paid equitably for their influential work.She is a pioneer in the world of influencer marketing, best exemplified by the viral #Batkid phenomenon spearheaded in 2015.

She now uses her expertise to help companies create strategies to both ensure alignment of their internal and public commitments to anti-racism and racial justice, amplify those commitments as an integral part of the company’s goals, and assess progress to inform future work to create thriving businesses that make the world a better place.

Social Impact Advisor

Entrepreneur, Producer, Speaker, Marketer dedicated to Gender & Racial Justice

Lynn Johnson

Entrepreneur, Producer, Speaker, Marketer dedicated to Gender & Racial Justice

Lynn is the Founder + CEO of Hella Social Impact (launching in January 2021) - a women of color-owned marketing and communications consulting firm that helps brands show up for racial justice.

Since 2006, Lynn is the co-founder of several successful social ventures dedicated to gender and racial justice. She is most known as the CEO of Spotlight: Girls – a “best for the world” certified B Corp that inspires, educates, and activates girls & women to take center stage. She is also the co-founder and Executive Producer of Oakland Freedom Theater - a first-of-its kind ensemble of actors, musicians and expert facilitators utilizing art and empathy to dismantle systems of oppression.

Based in Oakland, CA since 2006, Lynn and her wife and business partner Allison Kenny, currently reside in Albuquerque, NM where their tween, neurodivergent daughter is receiving residential care. When not working, Lynn enjoys living room karaoke, mixing up new cocktail recipes, and walking along the Rio Grande.Entrepreneur, Producer, Speaker, Marketer dedicated to Gender & Racial Justice

BS Communications and Media Studies (Northwestern University)