It's time for a Cooperative Approach to Fundraising for Female Founders

March 6, 2021

Female and non-binary founders are often daunted by the fundraising process. We realized after watching all the heart felt and inspiring #RealRaise videos come thru from real female founders around the country that we were not alone in this struggle. We knew it was finally time to share with the world about our secret sauce at SheTransacts. SheTransacts fosters a community of like-minded, committed and passionate founders so you can increase your confidence, align with investor needs and raise more money for your early-stage startup.

Stop feeling frustrated by the statistics.
Get busy creating a different future with us at SheTransActs.

We know you want to be a successful founder and take your startup to the next level. In order to do that you need the collective wisdom and expertise of other founders and a support system that will help you stay accountable and get feedback and input about the things you’re working on. You also need funding!

The problem is that raising money is extremely challenging, especially as an early-stage female or non-binary founder. The resistance so many of us experience makes you feel less confident about the actions you’re taking. We believe (and the data proves) that companies led by female and non-binary founders outperform all-male teams, so we shouldn’t be at a disadvantage as we go out and speak to investors. But unfortunately sometimes our gender or color of our skin overshadows our presentation, and is ironically seen as a negative before an investor even looks at our deck.

We understand what you’re going through and how to solve the problems faced by female and minority founders, which is why we created SheTransActs to get 100 female and non-binary founders $1M runways by 2022.

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Come to one of our FREE monthly virtual Happy Hours and meet other founders like yourself and see what we’re about and how you can join your founder circle. Whether you’re wanting to develop your idea, prepare for your next round of fundraising, or currently raising and want to be matched with SheTransact investors. IGI (our AI) is always there to help you solve your real time business challenges and help you connect the dots in the startup ecosystem. This is not a social chit-chat club. We share data and experience, and solve the real problems real time that every founder has.

One of the biggest challenges a female entrepreneur faces is finding the right programs and investors that are truly inclusive. You need an aligned community with no judgment so you can feel safe and supported in order to thrive. So become part of the future of funding with us!

Support a female founder today! Whether you are a founder, family or friend of a founder, an angel or an expert who supports female founders you can support them for as little as $100 @shetransacts. Act now to give this gift to lift a female founder up.

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