Finding Quality Early Stage Investments Can Be a Challenge

March 7, 2021

SheTransActs provides a dual investment opportunity in not only an over-performing asset class but also in creating more prosperous opportunities for yourself in the future by increasing the pool of successful founders to invest in.

As an investor, we know you’re looking for deals that have the right founder, right market and right value at the right time. The problem is you have to go through a lot of different deals to find the ones that are likely to succeed, especially at the earliest stages. Making a well-informed decision takes a lot of time, which leaves you feeling overwhelmed, with less time to focus on your other responsibilities. You want to diversify your risk among a number of companies and industries, and this can be difficult to achieve with early-stage companies.

SheTransacts has simplified your ability to access our data, making due diligence less cumbersome. We’ve created a new model of fundraising that benefits both founder and investor, as well as the entire startup ecosystem.

SheTranacts circles are five startups who have been vetted and can achieve high returns for your investment while providing you with a simplified due diligence process and easy pathway to invest in the values you care about. Circles diversify your risk and increase the success of your founders by providing ongoing emotional, mental and strategic support. A diverse startup ecosystem brings a broad number of ideas to the table and allows founders to learn differently. For you as an investor this means you’re setting yourself up for long-term success and a higher success ratio.  

Empowering women leads to lasting change. Here is an opportunity to align your principles with your investments, re-imagining the startup ecosystem for generations to come. Not only are we forming a wealth-creating syndicate with our raise, we’re also creating a model and pathway to enable future circles of female-led startups to successfully raise money. Together we can create a better ecosystem for everyone. Together we can transform the future for startups everywhere.

Support a female founder today for international women’s day! Whether you are a founder, family or friend of a founder, an angel or an expert who supports female founders you can support them for as little as $100 @shetransacts.  Act now to give this gift to lift a female founder up.  

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