SheTransActs Is Sustainable Investing

February 21, 2019

Would you like a bigger return on your investment?

Studies show that investments in women, and investments in sustainable businesses, create larger returns than other investments. If conscious investing is important to you — if you care about diversity, saving the environment and creating a more inclusive society — then you will want to hear about SheTransActs. It’s a way to invest and seek returns you expect while staying true to your values.

It’s time for SheTransActs !

We’re early-stage startups, with some funding and revenue, who require a more considerable investment to grow faster.

Why did we form SheTransActs?

— We are the change we want to see in the world. The world sees it, too: Diverse founders return higher profits to investors.

— There’s strength in numbers. All Founders are vetted and are remarkable women working on impactful and innovative ideas together. How you solve problems is just as important as solving them.

— We are fundraising and performing ongoing due diligence and accountability within each cohort of SheTransActs. We distribute risk for investors among a handful of startups and increase their success.

A More Sustainable Future

Greater social and environmental awareness means more profit. Large investment firms are leading the way, with missions that incorporate themes of Environmental, Societal and Governance practices. This is trickling down to super angel investing.

"Stop talking about diversity and start investing in a more diverse startup ecosystem."

Alexis Snelling, Founder/CEO, SheTransacts

SheTransActs embraces sustainable investing and acts as a pioneer to create new ways of acceleration for female and non-binary founders to succeed. We believe we can build a more sustainable world in harmony and enhance both current and future potential to meet human needs and aspirations.

Vetted Transparent TransActions = Faster Returns + Growth

Let’s meet some of the female-founded companies in the first, but definitely not the last, SheTransActs Cohort:


A “Tic tok” of how-to’s democratizing access to real human expertise and connecting people to local resources at each step needed to succeed in life. We’re an interactive guided step by step action plan app and market place, where creators share and sell “how to’s” for life. We’re monetizing real-life experiences and creating automated residual income for life, for creators globally, at scale with AI + automated search. We’re expanding the definition of life long learning and creating new income opportunities for everyone while expediting success world-wide for entrepreneurs.


MyLibrarian is a book recommendation service and club that leverages librarian book expertise, at scale, via a machine learning artificial intelligence data training set, our Librarian Brain. Our environmentally-friendly book club is 100% digital and packaging-free. MyLibrarian is also sustainable through the Librarian Brain-powered book discovery engine, which ensures more diverse and unbiased book artificial intelligence for generations to come.

Velour Imports

Velour Imports is an online marketplace of beverages wholesale. Taking the Uber Eats concept, Latin American importers choose a supplier from a digital menu, order pallets of craft beer, wine, hard cider, and spirits shipped directly from the manufacturer, and then watch their order arrive from any smartphone or web device. Just like when you and I watch the car with our food come towards us when we order Uber Eats.

Lady Suite

Lady Suite offers premium feminine intimate care, a market projected at $1.5 Billion by 2025 to help women manage common vulva skin stressors imbalance, ingrowns, razor burn, dryness, and more. Since launch in 2018, both online and with like-minded retailers like Credo Beauty that are setting new standards in ingredient safety and sustainability, we’re now in 130 select retailers, and named by Forbes as one of five brands changing the feminine hygiene industry.

How do you transport your pet from the airport to your hotel, without it costing an arm and four legs? SpotOn.Pet, the ride-hailing service specifically for pets and the people who love them. Live in NYC since Sept 2018 the company has successfully  completed thousands of rides. Thanks to partnerships with PetCo, WeWork, and Google, SpotOn.Pet used the opportunity to quickly expand unaccompanied pet rides which saved the company a 70% difference in loss over Uber and Lyft.

Brilliantly is an app-controlled warming wearable device for women after having a mastectomy. After a mastectomy, many women  experience a constant cold, distracting feeling from breast implant reconstruction, Brilliantly supports women who have embraced life and confronted breast cancer through innovative products, relevant services, and thoughtful content. Licensing and PCT patent pending, also hosts virtual events, writing workshops, and meditations,

In conclusion, when people invest in women, we all win.

Support a female founder today for international women’s day! Whether you are a founder, family or friend of a founder, an angel or an expert who supports female founders you can support them for as little as $100 @shetransacts.  Act now to give this gift to lift a female founder up.  

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